Energy consumption analysis of blister packaging


Energy consumption analysis of blister packaging machin

1. The power source main motor that supplies the power of the whole machine
The power required by the main motor mainly depends on the structure of the packaging machine, and the power can vary depending on the minicomputer or mainframe, production capacity, high-speed or medium-low-speed models, and working principles.
2. Heating before forming film
The forming film is generally made of 0.20.35 mm thick PVC or PVDC and other thermoformable materials, and meets the hygienic requirements of pharmaceutical packaging. According to actual molding experience, the molding temperature range is 110 ℃ to 140 ℃, so it must be formed before molding. Heat it to about 130°C. However, the thermal power required to heat the formed film to about 130 ℃ is mainly
It varies with packaging machine forming heating device structure type, heating method, model structure type, production capacity, etc.
3. Heat sealing of formed film and cover film
The sealing temperature is related to the operating speed of the whole machine and the type and thickness of the covering film. Nowadays, aluminum foil is widely used in our country. Its thickness is 0.02 mm. There is a layer of adhesive on the surface of one side. Its softening temperature is above 120 ℃. Therefore, the generally set sealing temperature is in the range of 170 ℃ to 210 ℃. The thermal power required for setting the sealing temperature within this range is mainly related to factors such as the structure of the sealing device, the sealing method, and the operating speed of the whole machine.
4. Heating of typing and embossing devices
The thermal power required for typing and printing heating is mainly related to the model structure, such as small or large models, and the operating speed of the whole machine is only high-speed models or low-to-medium-speed models.
5. Energy consumption of other auxiliary devices
The energy consumption of auxiliary devices of various models is basically the same, mainly including the filling device motor, the forming conveying motor, and the unwinding motor.
6. Comparison of energy consumption of blister packaging machine
Through analysis, calculation, experiment and past practical experience, we can summarize the energy consumption of various models, see the icon.

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