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Automatic Case Packer

1. PLC control,HMI operation,easy to operate.
2. Wide range of capacity,high adaptations,reliable quality.
3. Small dimension,low noise,low energy consumption.
4. Good appearance,reasonable layout.
5. Packing the product by robot.
6. With the function of automatic counting,stacking,unfolding,filling,sealing etc.
7. Automatic stacking system:Adjust by carton size and stacking mode.
8. High packing capacity:More than 3 cartons per minute.
9. Equipped with function of malfunction alarm, material lack alarm,carton lack alarm etc.

Buy Automatic Case Packer, Brands Automatic Case Packer, Automatic Carton Packing Machines Suppliers


KZF-550 automatic vertical carton all-in-one packing machine is new development equipment by our company which combine advanced technology at home and abroad.Machine consist of carton unfolding system,carton filling system and carton sealing system etc.PLC and HMI operation system,finish the packing process by servo motor mechanism.Machine is suitable for all product in different specifications,it can be used stand-alone or online with the front-end packaging machine to complete the production line.

Machine can stack or rank the different product automatically according to the requirement of quantity.After stacking,the robot will fill the packaged product into carton,then go into carton sealing system to seal the carton.User can add power roller lines back end according to requirement,so that it can connect labeling machine and baler as production line.


Technical parameter

1. Carton size:Length 300~680

Width 200~600

Height 200~550


Air pressure:0.4~0.6mpa

Compressed air flow:80L/min

Grab speed:less than 12times/min

Machine dimension:4004×2565×3500(L*W*H)

Power:380V/220V   50HZ


Total Power:3.2KW


Working principle

Machine connect front-end equipment with conveyor,conveyor push packaged product into collating device and rank them according to requirement.At the same time,carton unfolding swing vacuum chuck absorb the carton from carton stock.Unfold the carton and seal the bottom,then manipulators grab the ranked packaged product into carton(once or many times).Finally into carton sealing device to seal the carton,output the finished carton.

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