sauce filling production line

  • High-speed Sachet Packaging Production Line

    (1)Sealing width can be max 600mm, so the machine can do 5 to 10 lanes. (2)The machine use one roll packing film which can be divided two parts for sealing, convenient adjustment. (3)Lengthways sealing, across sealing, embossing, pertferation knife and finished sachet cutter all were controled by servo motor. (4)Controlling system: with HMI control and buttone control, this is convinent for the operator to control the machine. (5)If no packing material,machine will not absorb the carton and leaflet,pusher will stop working. (6)Machine will stop automatically when ancillary stock in low level. (7) Machine will stop automatically when there are leaflets but lack of box for three times. (8)Machine will stop automatically when there are packaged product but lack of leaflets for three times.

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